Your Mentor, Coach, Partner

As self-taught entrepreneur, Laurie understands the unique journey of the quieted dreamer who longs to step fully into their true purpose, but may be hung up on new world challenges.

From website to social media to personal branding, Laurie meets her clients at their level and coaches them into a fully developed online presence.

She busts through What-If’s, FEAR, self-doubt, low self-esteem, blocks, negative nay-sayers lurking in the subconscious. Like seeing through the 0’s and 1’s, she can see through the matrix of her clients life to reveal the silver linings and pearls of wisdom that are essential to stepping out the past into a brave new world.

She takes coaching beyond theory and manifests the process into real epiphanies and powerful solutions. Her goal is to mentor her clients into fully independent and empowered entrepreneurs, who can capitalize on their ideas, inventions, talents and create the life they always wanted.

Laurie is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Two Feng Shui System Consultant and Certified Yoga Instructor, as well as self-help author, who works intensively with her clients from the inside out, masterfully turning day dreamers into dream lifers.

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If any of these thoughts sound familiar,

then you’re in the right place to change all of that, today.

depositphotos_8293069-Sad-smiley-face-in-gold I hate my day job, but I need the job security. Being an entrepreneur seems risky, even irresponsible at this stage of my life.

depositphotos_8293069-Sad-smiley-face-in-goldSocial Media is so confusing, I just don’t get it!

depositphotos_8293069-Sad-smiley-face-in-goldI’m a technophobe, I barely know how to use my cell phone, let alone run a website!

depositphotos_8293069-Sad-smiley-face-in-goldI always dreamed of having my own business, but I think I’m just too old/stuck/scared/stupid/fill-in-the-blank to do it.

depositphotos_8293069-Sad-smiley-face-in-goldI’m can’t find a job in this new market place, I’m worried about my financial future.


I work WITH you, the ENTIRE YOU. PLUS – I keep regular office hours and I’m Accessible!

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. This is uniquely designed to meet you where you are right now and set you on YOUR path to success. (not some packaged cookie-cutter plan, but YOUR plan!)

We go deep into your process and recalibrate your mindset from the inside out.
Providing you with all the tools and setting you up with confidence to take action. 

We assess. We develop a plan. We work the plan.

Action = Results = Success = Confidence = Momentum

Five areas of focus:

 We develop your Personal Brand from the ground up.

 Website training and development

 Social Media Training, Strategizing

 Optimizing and Monetizing your brand and lifestyle

 Entrepreneurial Mindset Development

I may not be the right coach for you if:

You see yourself as a victim of your life.

You want a friend rather than a results-oriented coach.

You don’t enjoy the idea of setting goals, taking action, and achieving progress.

You have absolutely zero interest in learning and only want someone to do the work for you.

Law of Attraction, Personal and Spiritual Development are not part of your foundation and goals.



We’ll vibe really well together if:

You enjoy learning about yourself and are open to
trying new things.
You understand that you alone are responsible for
your experience of life.
You have a fairly good idea of what you want to achieve,
or at least enjoy brainstorming.
You truly want to move forward toward your goals and are willing
to put in the work to see results.
You have a feeling that the Universe is waiting on you, but you just don’t know where to begin.