Laurie is a rockstar! She is patient, hardworking, creative and always on trend. Laurie’s inspired my brand both personally and professionally, and along the way not only helped me to design a beautiful, functional website but she taught me valuable skills along the way so that I could do it myself (ala carte) in the future. I highly recommend Laurie to anyone looking to achieve the next level in their professional market.

Tara Mackey

Wellness Blogger & Author, OrganicLifeBlog and "Cured by Nature"

Laurie is an amazing light worker! She guides you through creating your website seamlessly. I had no idea where to start when it came to transforming my basic wordpress blog into a modern and functional business website, but Laurie made that all possible for me! Now I am so happy with my new website and look forward to the new life I’ll be creating!

Shannon Taruc

Spiritual and Motivational Coach, Spiritual Millennial

Laurie has been instrumental in the evolution of my blog. I started out with a vision, but with Laurie’s expertise, my brand stays crisp and up-to-date. She’s always available to me, keeping me informed of tech and style trends that keep me ahead of the game. Laurie is the real deal; available, present, conscientious and top of her game.

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Glamour House

Shaliz Koleini Afshar

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Glamour House

I was just doing my thing as an artist when Laurie saw my work and showed me how to take my business online. I can now reach a greater community and have been contacted to paint murals and installations beyond my local network. Next, we are taking my art into the product world, with hats, t-shirts and printed wall-art. When Laurie sees a path for you, she takes you all the way.

Street Artist, Muralist, Nomas Amaya

Nomas Amaya

Street Artist, Muralist, Nomas Amaya

Laurie has a magic talent for branding and graphic design. She’s helped me create my vision many times over. Because of her teaching, I went from being a girl who was overwhelmed with the idea of branding myself, building a website etc. and now I have more confidence than ever before to run my digital empire. I know that if it wasn’t for the help of Laurie, I would not be where I am today.

Alex Wolf

Personal Brand,, AlexWolf.Co

Laurie’s Facebook expertise was instrumental in our media campaign for client and friend Mary Risley, owner of Tante Marie’s Cooking School: “Just Put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven” went crazy over the Thanksgiving weekend… Jaded Palate shot the piece on a Tuesday, edited it on Wednesday and Thursday, and took it live on two YouTube channels, ours and the cooking instructor’s, on Friday.

What began with 11 views hit over 100,000 by Thanksgiving, six days later. Ultimately the 8 minute piece which our crew collectively thought was “cute” “charming” and maybe “a little bit funny” had, 256.322 views. Laurie knew immediately what to do to, implemented and we went viral, just as she knew we would.


Faith Wheeler

Public Relations, Jaded Palate Productions

Laurie has opened my eyes to things I didn’t even know possible, for my online brand. We just got started and already, Laurie has taught so much. This isn’t just a bunch of videos or workbooks or theory, it’s real life, hands-on coaching and mentoring. I see so much more I can do. I’m excited to go to take it the full distance.

Fitness Model & Trainer, Joshua Summerfield

Joshua Summerfield

Personal Brand, Joshua Summerfield

Laurie saw a brand on my Pomeranian’s Instagram page before I even knew what was possible. Literally, overnight, she had my website created and taught me about affiliates, sponsors and truly “Going for it” within record time my little Pom got contracts with HPComputer, AmericanOutfitters, CesarMilan and more. She knows exactly what to do and helps you see the light.

Barkley The Pom

Pet Celebrity , Barkley The Pom