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If you are even remotely thinking of stepping into the technological age of entrepreneurism, this is a MUST, ASAP! And – to be honest – don’t get the book, get the audio book. Sure, it’s a few dollars more, but Gary himself narrates and it’s AWESOME!. He’s got so much power in his delivery. You will not only be brought fully up to date of how and why social media IS your future, you’ll be pumped up by his infectious energy and want to start immediately!

If you are an armchair philosopher like me, then this book is right up your alley. It is RICH with content that discusses “happiness” across time, religions, social constructs and what it really means to consciously be the captain of your ship, or as he tells it, the rider of the elephant. Are you living your life as the rider, steering the elephant? Or are you letting the elephant take you for a ride? If you’re simply along for the ride, do you know how to steer if the elephants path is not what you want? A brilliant book, that calls to be on the night stand; reread, dogeared, and marked up. 

The Business of Business

Almost all of these books have been read in this past year. Some are rereads, even. Everyone of them gave brilliant Ah-Hah moments!

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Book recommendations? Want me to review yours? Love it!

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