The Seven Deadly Sins Of Brand Management

A brand management agency sticks an eagle’s eye on your branding strategies and management decisions. It guides you in the rights direction so as not to spoil your own brand image with wrong promotional steps.

Irrelevant Showcasing

It is absolutely essential to relate to your brand while advertising or promoting a product. Irrelevant pomp and show, content or concepts which do not focus on the brand can ultimately ruin your brand image. Every promotion and every product must with in connection with your brand. You need to keep in mind that your brand is an identity and your customers can easily relate to it. Therefore showcasing irrelevant content can just flip you out of the track.

Deliver Quality Not Blank Promises

Making it larger than life in promotions and advertisements, and not keeping up with the promises is a negative marking for your brand. Always understand that you brand stands as a trust factor between you and your customers. Any false promise, blushful promises with non relevant results can lead to brand image damaging. A brand management company always checks you such mistakes that can potentially damage your brand image in the market.

Keep You Brand Value Intact

Playing with your brand value by consistently changing brand approach can never lead to a stable customer base. With every changes attitude of your brand your consumer base would change, dissolve, emerge. It actually hampers the basic brand value. Your professional brand management agency can entail the other disadvantages of this type of promotion to you.

Avoid Consumer Misleading

If you are aiming at a multi faceting brand promotion under a prime Brand identity, you should be highly cautious not to confuse or mislead your customers. Each sub brand may have their own identity, but they are essentially a part of the bigger scenario, the prime brand.

Deceptive Brand Promotion

You need to stand by what you promote. Brands often use marketing tactics to deck their brand with unique promises and distinguished from their rivals. However in their journey they tend to lose the string. If you are distinguishing yourself from your competitors, stick with your distinct identity, this is what any Band Management Company idealizes to keep up the brand value throughout.

Responding to Customer Redresses

In this age of internet, you need to be a little tech savvy in order to keep up with the pace of competition in the market. Customers often take up to unveil their opinions, redresses, appreciations about a brand on social media portals. Therefore even a brand management company recommends referring to Twitter or such media portals as a great way to improve your business brand. Even journal releases, articles and reports in print media also serve as essential mediums to relate to your consumers.

Don’t be over Egoistic

It is good for a business brand to welcome feedbacks from consumers, media and the market. But being over egoistic with your brand pride is just not going to take you up the ladder.

Avoid these common brand management sins to emerge as a successful brand in the consumer market.

Once you have successfully created a brand, the challenge is not over. You need to manage it efficiently avoid committing the deadly sins of branding with expert professional help from a brand management company.

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Branding: How it increases business value and how?

In today’s world brands are acknowledged as a plus point for making your business more valuable. Any “business enterprise”, in the world either it is for-profit, NGO, small, medium-sized, large, even a country or geographical region, can develop a brand image and they can pay very much attention for paying to develop their brand more valuable.

Many business owners don’t yet understand the importance of brand image and its power so they are promoting and marketing goods and services, and those who understand the importance they normally devote more of their assets and resources on other aspects of business. The majority of small and medium enterprises don’t think it is important that they develop their brand.

There are four basic guiding principles for brand development.

The brand is the innermost nexus of communication between a consumer and an enterprise, so the commercial value of a brand cannot be underestimated. So developing a brand image should not be last precedence that is addressed before establishing and running a business smoothly.

Brand image development only requires time, effort and commitment but very little financial resources as per other expenses but not much as might expected especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. There are certain things that should be kept in mind before branding: Experience and knowledge of market for crafting a creative and flexible approach for problem solving, enthusiasm about products or services and most importantly the courage to take risks.

What is a Brand?
In commercial circles the term brand is used frequently in a much wider sense and it refers to or can be a combination of elements, such as trademark, design, logo and trade dress, concept, image, reputation which those elements spread with respect to particular products and/or services.
A brand is composed of sum of different individual parts, but it exists independently of and the value of the brand becomes greater than the mere sum of those parts, so brand thus takes a life of its own.

Components of successful Brand
There are lots of factors which determine that a brand is successful, one of the most important once is a Brands separate power. The brand must have a “something different” as far as consumers are concerned. This point of difference can be:
1. Recognizable (people can recognize it)
2. Attractive (in terms of quality and value)
3. Trustworthy (must be reliable)
4. Correctly communicated (to whom it will target and message formulation)

In today’s extremely competitive global market it is very difficult you to differentiate your product because there are lots of parallels and frequently the same goods and services, if a brand cannot differentiate its self and the goods and services are also the same then it is futile and thereby worthless as well. Inversely, the bond between consumer and owner will be stronger when the differentiation of the power of a brand, the greater its effectiveness. For developing powerful brand you should adopt an effective way to promote it, develop its reputation and thereby attract and maintain consumer loyalty, the crucial motive for justifying the investment of the time, money and efforts in such a way that you can say that you have a successful brand.

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Role of Social Media in Brand Building

The tendency of many short-sighted entrepreneurs is that, they think if they can create an online presence, then users will keep dropping by and every other aspect will take care of itself. Well thoughts never work out that way and if that was so, many industry that we see today about increasing the website traffic and online brand promotion would have never existed. The user won’t simply drop by if you upload something or will not stick around with you if they do not get what they are expecting. You must have to keep an eye on the market and evaluate what the market expects from a business.

The best way to solve this problem is by keeping a constant monitoring of your products. The best way of responding is by knowing exactly what your target market wants and supply them with those.
Tune in with your target audience

Create a whole new community for your target market. Arrange quiz sessions and give away gifts. Share and greet good times with them and talk more about your product or service. By doing so, you will get a better image in the business world.
The community process has been broken down into four categories. They are:

1. Get a better connection with people
2. It helps you build a brand
3. It leaves an impact
4. Possibilities of follow up to understand the aftereffects.

Through social media, you can find out a way to do a considerable amount of research on both qualitative and quantitative on your customers and build a strong bridge with them.

Understand the customer profile
You can use social media tools and get to know a broad profile about your customers, you can collect the data and get to know the insights about your customers. You can know who your customers really are and you can decide on the strategies on how to connect with them and plan your strategies on them. This is very important to know the customer insight to deliver them the core brand message.

Stick to your brand promotion strategy
If you stick to your brand strategy and do not get over with the criticism that you receive. Try to recognize your prospective customers, and follow an ideal customer-centric approach that will build your brand trust.

Social networking allows you a cost effective channel to judge and understand your customer. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have a huge audience base, and you cannot afford to ignore these media as a mean of your campaign, and the best thing about these media is that they will allow you to monitor your hits and the amount of feedback that you are receiving. Your customers can contact you directly. And you can give them solutions.

Having connections to the social media is a mandatory, as people tend to spend more time in here other than their TV and stuffs, you simply cannot afford to overlook these media to grab your customer’s attention and build a brand.

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Importance of brand ambassadors to any marketing campaign

We are living in a world among famous people. Whether they are from entertainment, sports, politics, media, we all have our own personal favorites. While we see them as an ideal person who is successful and whose life is an example, the area of marketing sees them as prospects that can be utilized towards brand popularity. In the purview of experiential marketing, selecting popular faces to be the representative of distinct brands is considered one of the most exciting and successful ways of brand promotion. Known popularly as brand ambassadors, this is one marketing campaign that is highly crucial for a better brand exposure.

Giving a distinct face or faces to a particular brand or services creates a new and unique image of your company in the society. Their passion and highly focused attitude gives your brand the best exposure it deserves in the market. No matter how many innovative and creative marketing campaigns you might have tried for your brand, nothing surpasses the effectiveness of brand ambassadors. In fact, not having any brand representatives for your company is a simple signification that you are not too aware of this highly effective marketing tool.

Having brand ambassadors who will be able to deliver the key values of the company and answer queries in a great manner creates a huge difference. Not all kinds of experiential marketing campaigns will require such prospects. Some campaigns are self-explanatory and they work on their own. They don’t require any demonstration of a doubt-clearing sessions in order to convey the message to the target market. However, for situations contrary to these, they are an important necessity.

Ambassadors stay at the forefront and become the face of the business representing their client on their behalf. They help in creating beautiful memories that your customers can share and enjoy throughout their lives. The ways they behave or interact with the customers becomes the part of the memory as well.

Brand ambassadors are friendly, knowledgeable, and very high spirited people who mere presence can inspire visitors. When they communicate with your customers, it is highly welcomed by them. In fact, they are the USP of a product and help in developing a more personal relationship between the brand and the customers. This can also be used to create genuine feedbacks that will help in strengthening the long-term relationship. They can give you all the details about your every marketing campaign. They can answer questions on what is working and what is not with the campaigns so that the bugs can be reported and instantly solved.

Find the promotional agency that can provide you with highly talented people that can understand your business and help in taking to the new horizons. There are various sources that you can find around that will be capable to do the job. The internet can serve as one good platform to find the best experiential marketing agencies. You can visit their site and review their past events to find out whether they will be suitable for your company or not. is an authentic and reliable marketing agency that is involved in deploying experiential and other outdoor promotional campaigns for companies. We provide brand ambassadors that will be loved by your customers for sure.

The exquisite experience offered by lifestyle shopping brands

What makes lifestyle shopping such a joy? Is it just that people like to find brands that manufacture quality products that are long lasting and serve their needs? Or is it because some lifestyle stores online shopping become so indispensible to our everyday lifestyles, that they become a part of our very existence?

Today a good lifestyle shopping centre represents the attractive lifestyle and values that we link to a Good Life. While these brands could very well be manufactured and designed in India, it isn’t uncommon to see many people prefer a lifestyle shopping mall that caters to international luxury products exclusively. Today many lifestyle brands have managed to build a unique customer relationship and consumers have developed emotional and long-term bonds with a company. You see these very values explored in their advertisements, as the brand tries to strengthen the bonds it has created with the Indian clientele, and this is the very reason there is a growing emergence of lifestyle India online shopping, so that people from all parts of India have equal access to these lifestyle brands and their products, irrespective of whether they have a local store in the area or not.

Whether it is fashion or lifestyle home shopping, today customers stick to a few brands because they connect with them on an emotional level. The brand has successfully managed to win over the trust of the customer, making him or her believe that the brand is perfectly suited and adaptive enough to match their changing lifestyle needs over the years. That is precisely what the term ‘lifestyle products’ came in to existence. For most of us Lifestyle Shopping is not about buying something of quality, but buying something that defines our very lifestyle. It expresses our aspirations and helps us stay in touch with our individuality, creating an authentic representation of the way we want to live our lives.

Every lifestyle shopping online store has its own image – some are active lifestyle brands that youngsters will associate to sports, others are luxury lifestyle brands that have a posh and upscale image and then some are the reliable lifestyle brands that middleclass Indians trust with their eyes closed. And the fact is, today every brand has created an image for itself so that it targets a particular kind of clientele and doesn’t have to compete with all lifestyle brands, but only those in their own niche with the same target clients.

The advantage here to customers is that they can choose from online lifestyle shopping centers that best signify their particular lifestyle and feel confident about doing business with them. The truth is that the success of a lifestyle shopping online store is not related to how many people know about it, but to how the people who shop at that store feel about it. While it can be important to reach out the a larger audience, most people looking for a great online shopping in lifestyle experience know exactly what they want, and they wish to find a lifestyle store that caters to their needs specifically and then does a good job of it. What makes one lifestyle shopping centre better than another is how well it has managed to give its customers an indentify of their own.

Today consumers looking for active lifestyle online shopping are looking to find reliable and quality products, catering to their specific needs. The advantage with online lifestyle shopping is that it is much easier to find one specific kind of product, irrespective of whether you want to focus on international brands or local made products.

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Superior Brand Management for Strengthening your Position in the Market

Brand name is the essence of your business. If you follow, the dictionary of business management brand is “a name, a sign, or a symbol used to identify items or services of the sellers and to differentiate them from goods of competitors”. Simply speaking, brand is the image of the company developed in the mind of consumers. Brand identity helps customers to identify the company’s products or services from the others.

Building Your Brand

An attractive and informative website is an essential element of brand management. It is the most important factor that helps in improving the business credibility and sales. A good website is one which is easy to use and run efficiently. Thus, businesses should take the help of a website development company that will develop your website and help in maintaining it.

Role of Branding Company

A brand development company will help you in building and strengthening your brand in the market. The brand management process involves identifying your key customers and understanding what motivates the customers. Selecting a brand position should be done very carefully as this provides the advantages of the marketplace for the company. Building a strong name and icon, and creating a tagline that emphasizes on the brand promise help in translating the brand position to a strong brand identity.

The brand development company will help in educating the employees of the organization about the brand promise and will impart training to them so that they become brand champions. An ongoing marketing plan will also be developed by the brand management company. They will also help in reinforcing the brand promise at every stage of the marketing plan.

Enhancing Brand Value

The brand management company will regularly monitor and manage the brand equity. They will increase the brand awareness and value. They will help in determining the sub brands and will find ways to incorporate these sub brands.

Success Mantra:

The key to success of your brand is the audiences. The internal audiences such as staff and partners are very critical for the success of a brand strategy. If the internal audiences do not approve of the promise made by the brand, then it is certain that company cannot keep up to that promise. Using a map of the internal audiences and understanding the company’s culture and operating strategies will help you in building a successful brand. Conducting internal meetings and group discussions can be very helpful in brand building.

Like the internal audiences, the external audiences are also important in determining the success of your brand. Companies should measure the overall value of the brand by checking on how many people have purchased the company’s product because of convenience and how many of them have bought the product due to the brand name.

Hiring Brand Consultants

The selection of the best brand development company is a major factor in the brand building exercise of a company. A reputed company will take the responsibility of building and maintaining the brand as well as conducting campaigns that will strengthen the brand. They will also analyze the results obtained after the launch of the brand and will help in improving the visibility of the brand.

Developing and maintaining a good website is one of the most important steps of brand management. To develop effective branding strategy you should know the importance of brand identity.

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