Please, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are a full-service social media marketing company.

Since 2001, Laurie Smith has been developing brands from start to social. Helping creative entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized companies use social media to their advantage. Specializing in niche industries we know intimately well, such as food, wine, arts, yoga, and wellness – sets us apart from the average one-size-fits-all social media marketing companies.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by knowing your industry, being part of your marketing team and implementing the actual plan for you, online; providing result-driven social media marketing services that help with every stage of social media – attracting potential customers, engaging them, and converting them into website and/or foot traffic, leads, and sales.


Whether you’re a location-based, purely online, a solo-preneur developing your personal brand, or building a full-size company, we are you’re marketing team in your back pocket.


“Passion is the number one thing I love most in a person. If you are passionate about what you do, I will align with you to make your visions a reality. Period. I LOVE moving people forward. It’s MY passion.”

Laurie Smith

Lead Designer, Social Strategist, Big Picture Thinker

Originally a student of fashion and design as my first career choice, I was unprepared – but forever grateful – for my love affair with food and wine; chefs, restaurateurs, and winemakers, for stealing my heart and luring me into an epic journey of design for food, wine, and hospitality. Since, I’ve worn every hat in the restaurant biz, back of the house to the front of the house, and gladly so. Event planning and marketing were my callings, but only so I could create beautiful invitations, and throw amazing parties. The world of wine beckoned me from San Francisco to the central coast to create brands full time.Serendipitously I merged my love of design, food, and spirits into being a graphic designer for my favorite people, bringing their brands and visions to life, in print, and on the web. Social media was the next frontier – a great adventure, creating a buzz in the online party of modern life. My passions have evolved to also include my yoga and wellness tribe, who spark soulful, creative fervor within me. 17 years of designing with passion, for the passionate. I am deeply blessed having merged my love of life with my career. If you’re a creative, a maker, a visionary, a spark from the infinite; let’s work together.


Brendon Barnett
IT, WebDeveloper, Technical Wizard 

My passion is to provide every customer with a high quality, professional service for a reasonable and reachable price. I make myself available by ensuring that each project is tuned to fit the needs and personality of each client. Working with the most updated and advanced open-source technology, your web applications can be versatile and comprehensive at a great cost! Many of today’s websites are run by Content Management Systems (CMS) or blog engines, such as this site. It is with this new, widely available technology that your content or products can reach a more focused audience. In addition to using the most current web technology, I bring a personal touch to each project by providing media content with photography or custom graphic design. Whether you are selling a product, advertising a service, or just making your content available to the world, I have the right solution for you!


Bryan Smith
WordSmith, Copywriter

I am a creative thinker, blogger and experienced government and politics reporter with more than four years of daily newsroom experience. I have since changed gears. In November of 2012, I started with LaurieAnnSmith.Co to help with account management, outreach and public relations for a diverse set of clients engaged in e-commerce. In addition to my interest in politics, writing and online marketing, I have a strong interest and passion for the automotive industry, college sports, the NBA, and the outdoors. Specialties: Journalism, content management, online/new-media marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, editing, communications, and sales.